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Coding decoding Reasoning

Coding decoding is essential part in reasoning. It occupies more than 5 questions in exam. Coding decoding reasoning is technique to send a messenger without knowing it to third person. In this article you will find the types of coding and tricks to solve with the help of example. This article will help you to improve your skill and knowledge to solve the questions regarding coding decoding reasoning. Have a look on the following topic:

Coding decoding Reasoning

Coding might of different types. Some common examples of these are:

Letter coding

In this type of coding letter series is converted to another letter series using

Some additions of numbers

Some deletions of numbers

So called forward and backward substitutions

Example LIVE coded as MJWF

Give code of SIDE

SOL simple it’s forward substitutions of increments of one number,so answer should TJEF


Mixed coding

This type of coding sometimes contain more than 4 questions

Let’s do it with an example

Ape  jo rinp   means very tall building

Sup ji ape      means building is green


Find the code for building

SOL we know building is common in both lines so common code should Also Common in between and that is ape,hence the way to do this

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