Difference between Resume and CV (Curriculum Vitae)

Difference between Resume and CV

Difference between Resume and CV (Curriculum Vitae)


First of all get familiar to the following two terms:

  1. Interviewee: The Person who gives the interview is known as Job interviewee. The interviewee is always the job seeker.


  1. Interviewer: The person who take the interview is known as Interviewer always interviews someone for a job.


What is the core Difference between Resume and CV (Curriculum vitae)?

Every Job interviewee (job seeker) and Interviewer should know the difference between Resume and CV (Curriculum vitae). Most of the time we use the wrong terms while appearing in the interview. So let’s have a look on the Difference between Resume and CV (Curriculum vitae).


Resume: Resume is a most common term, we always hear about, especially when we are a fresher for a job interview. Even it is the most common document required from every job applicants. In other words, Resume is basically an application document which is to be submitted by the job applicant.

A resume is a brief summary of your qualification, educational background skills, abilities and work history of a candidate, which should not be longer than two A4 size pages.

The Resume has no particular format, but it is important to write in such an order, which fit the needs and requirements to a specific position

In addition, you may write a creative resume and include pics, graphics and non-standard resume fonts for it.


Curriculum Vitae (CV): Curriculum Vitae is most commonly called as “ CV ” in short. CV contains details of your educational background, your work experience, awards, honors, grants, scholarships, theses, published works and skills.

Curriculum Vitae basically consist the overview of your academic and professional background which can be about 4 to 10 pages.

A curriculum vitae (CV) follows the same format (specific format), No matter which job you are applying for.


From an engineering student perspective, If you are applying apply for jobs in companies and startups than Resume would be the term to use.

CV is used, If you are applying for internship/research opportunities in colleges and Universities, either in India or in Abroad.  Due to this fact the most of the professors connect better to the word ‘CV’ than ‘Resume’.

In Short:

A Resume should highlight:

  1. Educational Qualifications
  2. Internship Experiences
  3. Academic Achievements
  4. Positions of Responsibility/ Team building activities/ Social Initiatives
  5. Skills/Tools
  6. Extra-Curricular Achievements


A Curriculum vitae (CV) should highlight:-

  1. Educational Qualifications
  2. Academic Achievements
  3. Research Experience (Heavy emphasis on this section)
  4. Skills/Tools
  5. Extra-Curricular Achievements
  6. Hobbies and Interests


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