40 common mistakes in job interviews

40 common mistakes in job interviews

40 common mistakes in job interviews

Sometime we fail to crack interview due to the common mistakes in job interviews. Here is a list of 40 common mistakes in job interview, which candidate usually do during the job interview. 

Try to avoid these common mistakes in job interviews so that you can crack the interview easily.

  1.    Showing off
  2. Making up answers
  3. Forgetting your manners
  4. Asking no questions
  5. Apologizing unnecessarily (using “sorry” word again and again)
  6. A bad handshake
  7. Moaning about your current employer
  8. Using only ‘yes’ or ‘no’ during your answers (Unless the interviewer requires a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer)
  9. Trite or practiced answers
  10. Dressing sloppily
  11. Arriving Late
  12. Not bringing a resume
  13. Fuzzy Resume Facts
  14. Making a weak first impression 
  15. Displaying low energy
  16. Seeming unprepared
  17. Appearing uninterested
  18. Being angry
  19. Appearing to be too nervous, or over confident
  20. Not Paying Attention
  21. Focusing too much on yourselves
  22. Flirting or other inappropriate behavior
  23. Leaving Your Cellphone On
  24. Using Your Phone During the Interview
  25. Bringing a Drink With You
  26. Complaining
  27. Talking Too Much
  28. Sharing TMI (too much information)
  29. Negative body language.
  30. Not Being Prepared to Answer Questions
  31. Asking weirdly personal questions
  32. Not Knowing Anything About the Company
  33. Researching the Company But Not Yourself
  34. Failing to explain what you will bring to the company
  35. Badmouthing Past Employers
  36. Forgetting the interview is a two-way street
  37. Not collecting contact information or asking the next-steps questions
  38. Failing to follow up
  39. Forgetting to follow up
  40. Following up too aggressively

Try to practice in front of a mirror to watch your tone, your body language, your appearance, as well as to watch the mannerisms, your expressions that you may have or even record yourself on camera to avoid these common mistakes in job interviews. It will help you a lot to build your confidence, pick out any bad habits you have, losing eye contact, like talking too loud or too quiet etc.


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